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Discography of BILLIE HOLIDAY recordings

It was around 1950 I heard Billie Holiday for the first time. We were a group of teen-agers preparing a play at the home of one of our teachers, and when I told him my favourite record was Louis Armstrong’s “Ain’t Misbehavin’” from 1938, he put a record with his favourite singer on the turntable. There she was: Billie Holiday, singing “Am I Blue?” From that day I was hooked. I have been collecting her records ever since.

I was 16 when I eventually heard Billie Holiday in person, January 18th, 1954, in Copenhagen, on Leonard Feather’s ‘Jazz Club USA’-tour in Europe.

Many are the times I’ve searched in vain on the Internet for discographical notes of different recording artists. Regarding to Miss Holiday I’ve found a lot of homepages, but none answering my needs.
I had to make my own Billie Holiday Homepage!

In Eleanora Fagan and William F. Dufty’s ‘LADY SINGS THE BLUES’ (Doubleday & Company, New York, 1956) there’s an incomplete discography by Bill Galletly.
In the archives of Danish libraries I have found a booklet by the internationally recognized Danish jazz discographer Jørgen Grunnet Jepsen. (Karl Emil Knudsen, Copenhagen, Denmark, 1960).

This booklet is the main source for completing Galletly’s discography, and I have supplied with additions and corrections from Jack Millar’s “Born to Sing” (Jazzmedia ApS, Copenhagen, Denmark, 1979) and Thomas Heilmann’s “Billie” (Heilmanns Forlag, Holte, Denmark, 1993) plus some of my own later findings.
I am only listing original labels – and a few more I find important.

Should any reader know of omissions or other corrections to the following I should be very happy to receive that information on

Erik Svinding Olsen
Allerød, Denmark
September 14, 2005

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December 14, 2010