Mel Davis, Billy Butterfield, Bernie Glow (tp), Urbie Green, Jack Green (tb), Tommy Mitchell (bass tb), Gene Quill (as), Ed Powell, Romeo Penque, Tom Parshley, Philip Bodner (reeds), George Ochner, Milton Lomask, Emmanuel Green, Harry Katzmann, David Sarcher, Samuel Rand, Leo Kruczek, Harry Melnikoff, Harry Hoffman, David Newman (vl), Sid Brecher, Richard Dichler (vla), David Soyer, Maurice Brown (cello), Janet Putman (harp), Robert Rosengarden (xyl), Mal Waldron (or Hank Jones) (p), Barry Galbraith (g), Milt Hinton (b), Osie Johnson (dr), vocal-choir, Ray Ellis (cond), Billie Holiday (vcl)

NYC, February 18, 1958

60460-1 You Don't Know What Love Is Columbia CL1157
60461-1 I'll Be Around *) Columbia CL1157
60462-1 For Heaven's Sake Columbia CL1157
60463-1 But Beautiful Columbia CL1157

*) In March 1955 Cornettist Ruby Braff made a record called "Holiday In Braff" with an instrumental translation of six Billie Holiday-linked songs,
"Flowers For A Lady" arranged as a homage, and "I'll Be Around" which was, accordíng to Braff "A song she should have sung".
(Was it a homage to Braff's sentiment that, three years later, she did finally get around to recording it on this album?)

(BRIAN PRIESTLEY. Author, Jazz On Record: A History)