Emmett Berry (tp), Jimmy Hamilton (cl, ts), Hymie Schertzer (as), Babe Russin (ts) Teddy Wilson (p), Al Casey (g), John Williams (b), J.C. Heard (dr), Billie Holiday (vcl)

NYC, August 7, 1941

31002-1 Jim OKeh 6369
31002-2 Jim Columbia C30783
31003-1 I Cover The Waterfront Columbia 37493
31004-1 Love Me Or Leave Me OKeh 6369
31005-1 Gloomy Sunday *) OKeh 6451
31005-2 Gloomy Sunday unissued
31005-3 Gloomy Sunday Columbia C30783

*) This song was banned by the British Broadcasting Corporation, marked: "THIS RECORD IS NOT TO BE BROADCAST". (As was "God Bless the Child" in 1942.)
When the Hungarian song, "Szomor? Vasarnap", was introduced in 1936, some listeners did commit suicide. It reached the US in 1941 via Paul Robeson and then a best-selling record by Billie Holiday. Because of lines like "My heart and I have decided to end it all", the song was banned by the BBC on grounds of "bad taste". The ban was still in force in 1964. Perhaps just as well as four years later, its composer, Rezsoe Seres, killed himself by jumping from a hotel window.
(Spencer Leigh in his 'Fantastic Voyage FVTD018' 2009 album: "THIS RECORD IS NOT TO BE BROADCAST")